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With more than 1000 apps available and 205.000 downloads per month (with more than 5 million downloads total), food4Rhino is the first Rhino plug-ins and Grasshopper add-ons site on the web.

For Rhino/Grasshopper users:

As a user, find the newest Rhino Plug-ins, Grasshopper Add-ons, Materials, Textures and Environments, add your comments, discuss about new tools, get in contact with the developers of these applications, share your scripts…

If you are ready to start downloading Rhino plug-ins, Grasshopper add-ons and textures from food4Rhino, just register and start right away.

For developers:

As a developer, take advantage of the site’s infrastructure and exposure, build your user community, get valuable feedback, easily manage your updates and new builds.

Users sharing their applications with other users is the whole idea behind food4Rhino. You don’t need to be a professional developer to start using our service. See for complete details.

Latest news on Rhino

Enscape’s ENVISION 21 online event (September 28-30, 2021)

Enscape’s ENVISION 21 online event (September 28-30, 2021)

Enscape’s ENVISION 21 online eventSeptember 28-30, 2021 An incredible lineup of speakers and over 30 sessions scheduled that include insights from industry experts, customer corners, influencer sessions, technical lounges, and more.During the course of three days, you...

RhinoRobot 4 is released

 RhinoRobot 4 is out now with new features and enhancement, check it out on food4rhino, and via the PackageManager in Rhino 7

Exporting Data from Rhino to Twinmotion

Exporting Data from Rhino to Twinmotion

In this Simply Rhino UK video tutorial, senior Trainer Phil Cook takes a look at exporting data from Rhino to Twinmotion using the new Datasmith Rhino Exporter.Improved Rhino to Twinmotion WorkflowThe new Direct Link, which also uses the Datasmith file format, makes...