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Software for Landscape Design and Urban Planning.
Get professional results from technical planning to photorealistic rendering.

Lands includes a variety of tools to distribute plants, trees, shrubs and flower beds, individually, in rows, in forests…It has a database with more than 1800 plant species.

Reasons to use Lands for Rhino

  • Because designs can be obtained in 2D and 3D
  • Because it makes it easier to create realistic images and virtual tours
  • Because it generates the setting out plan
  • Because it includes a database of plant species with all their characteristics
  • Because it includes libraries with real trees
  • Because libraries can be customized
  • Because it can simulate seasonal changes
  • Because it projects the basic structural elements to design the green area
  • Because it includes urban furniture libraries
  • Because it helps with the layout of the watering system
  • Because it is faster to obtain and export lists

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Lands Design for AutoCAD 2017 already available!What's new?- AutoCAD 2017 support- New icons- Plant Photos from Google to label the plants in the drawing- Plant Database and Urban Furniture Library redesigned.- Urban Furniture Providers- Improved Walk Modeand much...

Fan Page post by Lands Design

We are proud to announce that Lands Design for Rhino has reached beta status!Download it now! As with previous WIP versions you can use it during 90 days for free. Afterwards another free Beta or the commercial version will be...