The role of design tools in smart city planning

The role of design tools in smart city planning

Smart cities arise from the natural need of human beings to live in a harmonious and balanced environment. Through the efficient use of infrastructure, technology and natural resources, these cities seek to guarantee the quality of life of their inhabitants....

Add picture to your landscape project

When we are working with projects, particularly in urban areas, it’s quite helpful to add the picture of the surroundings of our project. This, might be a set of buildings, a bridge or a monument. The classic methods of post production

New version of Conveyor Rhino and Revit

Conveyor can transform workflows between Rhino® and Revit® with easy-to-use repeatable standards. Conveyor enables you to convert geometry and data between Rhino and Revit without the need for complicated workflows or computational interfaces. Conveyor V3 has just...